Writing A Lost Art?

I haven’t written a blog post in years. I miss it. When I had a job where I actually worked for someone else, my job consisted of writing. All day, write write write. I wrote training manuals. I wrote emails. I wrote company blog posts. Then, I was, as they say, furloughed. Yea. the boss’ son didn’t like me. I wouldn’t keep my mouth shut while he tried to bleed the company dry. That’s ok. Junior got his. The other partners eventually caught on, and to avoid his son being prosecuted, the daddy partner left the business. Karma is a bitch.

But, that was years ago. I guess all that drama left a bad taste in my mouth and I stopped sharing my thoughts, not that my thoughts matter a hill of beans to anyone else, but it was nice to download random ideas, etc. So, here I am – 10 years later and I start up again. For how long, who knows.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I have spent the last few years taking care of my parents. Not just checking in occasionally or financially, but as a caretaker. It sounds noble, but it isn’t really. it’s tough and I wouldn’t recommend it for the faint hearted. The subtle shift of becoming a parent’s parent is heart wrenching. It plays on your mind, body, and psyche. But, more of that one another post.

During this pandemic, I lost 2 dogs to basically old age. When “they” say it can be worse than losing a human, it is true. I have mourned the loss of my two dogs tremendously. They were both larger that life and filled the house with energy, even up to the last few days of their lives.

They introduced me to people and led me to new hobbies I would never have found without them. We traveled, competed, and found each new adventure exciting and we went for the gusto. I traveled cross country with one of the to Texas. OH, what a time that was. We stopped more than if I had just gone alone. Katie sat up and stayed awake the entire time, like she knew this was a once in a lifetime event, which for her it was. But, again, more on that later.

I am just stretching my rusty writing habits and hope it will ease my crowded mind. My lifestyle is different than it was before. But, I am trying to bring back the habits that brought me peace. I need peace in my life more than anything else.


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